A winter adventure for the mind
last night between a memory and a dream ~

January 2023

How love, community, and grace showed up to save "a sacred abundance in the middle of nowhere."

December 2022

New Year's Eve inspiration for appreciation, letting go and creating the space for rewriting our stories.
What exactly are we celebrating?
How the Respect for Marriage Act reveals how dynamic American political perspectives can be ... even in Wyoming

November 2022

After a week of looking death in the eye, today, we celebrate
What's been happening since an earthquake of sadness and fear arrived at my door?

September 2022

Rethinking the American Lawn

August 2022

Summer tomatoes, fresh herbs, and a cheesy crust come together in this easy handmade tart

July 2022

A reminder of what this is all for

June 2022

The Power of Choice in Realizing Social Justice