Aug 22, 2022·edited Aug 22, 2022

There's a book written by the late former Nebraska state senator and Vietnam veteran John DeCamp titled, The Franklin Cover-up. Mr. DeCamp being an attorney went through great pains to ensure that everything he wrote in that book was supported with hard evidence that could be presented in court if necessary, should anyone file a lawsuit. He died in 2017 - no lawsuits ever came. If you read that book it will perhaps answer some of your questions about why America and indeed the world is in the condition it's in now. Many of the guilty parties named were never brought to justice because as most are aware, the USA has the best justice money can buy.

There was also an hour long documentary made in 1994 on the subject by Yorkshire Television (Nick Grey and Tim Tate). It was pulled the night before its scheduled tv broadcast, and now copies upon copies float all over the internet. Reading Mr. DeCamp's book many years ago is what helped open my eyes, and fortunately I had the fortitude to keep them open.

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